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Fashion plays a significant role in the consumer products sector of the globe economy. It is one of the indicators of the affliction of influenza particularly in the advanced countries. It permeates to innumerable products of human consumption from footwear to automobiles. Apparel is the most predominant area where the fashion is incomplete without Handbags & Accessories. Leather products rule high over the times immemorial and a visible example is the global appeal and acceptance of such as handbags, purses, wallets, travel bag, backpacks, duffels bag, folders, business cases and more for overall personality concept fashion and color developments in clothing influence the fashion in handbags.

It is observed that the fashion is not necessarily the brainchild of the designers, manufactures or consumers. However, fashion is evolved keeping a sense of continuity with the prevailing trend in the well- defined seasons. The fashion like humor or music is a social reflection.

In the last seven to eight decades, fashion has emerged from the salon and entered the market place becoming accessible to and almost as diverse as it’s ever – growing audience. Fashion reflects our world. However, fashion like other amenities only can be one man or woman’s secret, obsession or it can transcend personality and speak for a large and diverse community.