Family business in its 2nd Generation

Classic Point AG was established in 1987, is a privately company run by family ownership and specialises in the finishing of leathergoods. The medium-sized Indian company (from the South Parganas district of Karaidanga near Bantala on the Lower Kolkata, West Bengal) with around 110 employees serves international clients, focusing on leather handbags (60%) and leather wallets (40%). We offer purse, laptop bag, duffels bag, doctor’s bag, travel bag, business cases and accessories.
The Classic Point leather factory specialises and has found a niche in quality products and premium goods made from cow, buffalo and goat leather. Customers include leading fashion houses from France, Italy and the USA.
The company has been certified by the “TÜV Rhineland ISO 9001-2015”, an international affiliation for leather goods manufacturers. The Leather Working Group sets the highest standards for its members.
Production capacity: approx. 2,000 handbags and 25,000 wallets or other small leather goods (per month).
Managing Director: MD-TASLIM
Chief Executive Officer: MD- ASIF

Second generation Classic Point

The second generation of Classic 
is now too working in the company. 
Son MD-ASIF  will take over this 
beautiful build family business. 

Their goal is to get a very strong
 export all over the world. 
A very high profile.

Review some facts about us

European Union


The first generation sets a new course. The expansion of the company is accompanied by the development of new products. Finer leather bags, wallet and accessories. Vulcanized leather (for moulded soles of safety boots) and the improvement of production through the purchase of new machines.


The construction of a new production building with 3000 sq. m. of work-space, primarily for finishing. Fashionable leather is included in the product range. The company survives inflation and drives its development forward. New machinery is bought. The product range is expanded in multi colors


Restructuring of the company: starting material for leather production is wet blue. New products and new markets are developed. In the following years particular attention is paid to developing infrastructure, focusing on training. Structural changes in the market demand rapid and flexible decisions by management.


The company presses ahead with production of leather for bags. Research and development concentrate on the requirement for high authenticity, the ability to produce large batches of easily processed leathergoods consistently and on giving the natural product a natural look while meeting industrial Standards.


High tech meets leather: Lot tracing using REACH trace ability, for trace ability for the mass production. A new production with an area of over 2500 sq. m. is set up.


Investment in the future continues in the 28th year of the company’s history.
We seek to be epitomized by our passion, integrity, entrepreneurialism and our innovative spirit, as we continually strive to fulfill our vision. For questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Looking forward to hear from you soon!!

           —MD. TASLIM

Managing Director