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Elements of Fashion

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Fashion and style to a common man is looking different in terms of wearing fashionable clothes and sporting a styling hairdo. But to its depth is added an anatomy that has to be taken apart and studied. It consists of five basic elements which a leather bags exporter analyses before it becomes a popular fashion.


This is the basic architecture of all fashion and it is determined by the last is the closest resemblance of the human with its curves and arches. Key elements of the bags are in all, fashion begins with shape.

Bags shapes can be rounded, square or flat. Similarly size could vary from low, medium to high fashion. The shape is an important aspect of fashion edges slant for the classic or may have a walled shape for the casual bags.


It is the design that helps to establish the bags ‘basic styles. The design is composed of the upper patterns and these can take any of the endless forms. It is largely hear that the designers ‘creative talent is applied and the bags ‘look becomes so vividly visible to give its own distinctive character. The designs establish the proportion of the bags. For examples, based on the design the opening neck line differs in an oxford model. The style lines clearly distinguish the gender of bags.


A give shapes and design assurance attains further distinctive character with the materials being used. Bags of identical shape and design will look different materials. Qualities of materials are:

Texture is the feel of the materials which gives it its fashion character. Surface grain and finish give the materials its look which is a vital part in leather goods fashion.


Color illuminates the whole illusion of fashion shape, design and materials. All colors are variations of basic colors, but throw light on the enormous range of shades and other subtleties of color in fashion. There are different reflections of colour and that is why we use colour terms like bright, pastels, flat or soft, dark or translucent etc. colour preferences are very much personalized by customers and they call it taste. Selection of colours also reflects moods and personality.