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From the House of a leading exporter of leather & Hand bags comes affluence: quality in India to dress for fashionable individuals.

Classic Point: Hand Bags & Accessories for Men are designed with the latest trends from the world of fashion which will be on par with any global quality.

MD-Asif, promoter of Classic Point the Indian consumers must have bags with  good look great quality and high  standard with ethical values in manufacturing bags meeting the REACH compliance adhering to high standards of global testing. Meeting ‘Quality’ and ‘comfort’ is the main aim for bringing the product to the Indian consumer keeping in mind the latest trends.

A history of experience of over 30 years in the export of Finished Leather, Hand bags and wallets and now to India retail; exclusively for the Indian market.

The company is built on ethics adhering to every norm of the world: checked and periodically audited. The company has put its best for the Indian consumer. Women’s Hand bags will be later launched in India, early next year.

The concept of Classic Point is that ‘every consumer should touch and feel the product and know the real value of the hand bags that is crafted with great talent and skill right from raw material to finished hand bags durability. The bags are designed and developed in Design Studio in Italy with the latest trends, lasts and leather. The company is a member of SATRA: the highest standard for testing and for factory production management systems. The tannery that produces leather is LWG Gold rated audited mark from BLC Leather Technology Centre, England.

Mr. MD-Asif says that his entry into the domestic retail business in India was encouraged and promoted by Mr. Amit Chopra of shoes & Accessories.